Christmas 2020 in Las Rozas with The Nutcracker

Requerimiento por parte de Las Rozas

On the occasion of Christmas we were asked for ideas to recreate The Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffmann with life-size figures. 


Outdoor Event


Permanent installation



The challenge: outdoor space

We had to place the figures outdoors, specifically on the Boulevard Camilo José Cela in Las Rozas, Madrid.

The essential requirement, due to the climate, was that they had to be resistant to rain and wind. The latter is especially strong in this place.


Pet, the solution

It is ideal for creating these figures because it is a very resistant and flexible material. In addition, it has a very nice texture that responds very well to light.

On this occasion we also chose Pet to cover the trusses as it is a very versatile component. We have extensive experience with this material since we were pioneers in using it to build sets.


Mabebe Delgado and Antonio Cuevas

These figures were designed by our colleague Mabebe Delgado and made by Antonio Cuevas.

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