The Chiringuito of Tanger

Un pedazo de Ibiza en Tánger

Tanger is a city strategically located at the gates of the Mediterranean Sea.

Glub has been present in Morocco for 7 years and during this time we have developed multiple projects with Sergio Albert at the head of the technical and commercial office.

In this time the city has been transformed in depth and can be seen everywhere and especially in the remodeling and expansion of the marina where it has been created La Marina de Tanger, a leisure area.

Here we had the opportunity to develop from scratch a project of Ibizan inspiration where light and sound play a dominant role.


Iluminación, diseño


Instalación permanente


Hotel Restaurant "El Chiringuito" in Tanger


El sonido

The acoustic design made by Sergio Albert in collaboration with Miguel Herrero from D&b in which we have used the T10 and E8 series with soundcraft table and a complete dj booth pioneer nexus 2 resulted in a sound forcefulness difficult to match.

Ocean view from 3 of its 4 walls



The lighting project required to combine the restaurant lighting that we made with mini zenithal cuts on each table with a club lighting deployed in 4 DMX universes and controlled with chamsys, for this we worked with the brands Martin and pro light.

The DJ booth

We wanted to generate behind the booth a central and emblematic point of the local for what we selected a curious spotlight the Martin Rush MH10, this spotlight has a led ring and also works as a Bean spotlight. With 12 of these spotlights we created a light box against the DJ.

DJ booth spotlights