El Instante Foundation

Enchanted forest

We came up with an unconventional video clip for the product presentation. We came up with the idea of creating an enchanted forest in which, by means of warm lighting and a musical thread with forest sounds strategically distributed, we could get the audience to get into the scene. 

With very small mobile traces, which we camouflaged behind the plants, we managed to give the sensation of movement, of textures that moved imitating the branches swaying in the wind.


Indoor Event


Product presentation



Musical thread

We installed a piped music with real sounds of nature to make the attendees feel truly inside a dream forest. 

To do this, we flew a small truss of just 10 centimeters in diameter from a chute in the ceiling (a rail of spotlights for fixed installation) to be able to reach all points of the space in a zenithal way.


Wireless and invisible stand-alone spotlights

We camouflaged among the plants, so that the public could not see them, autonomous and wireless spotlights that do not need any type of cable, current or signal. And we let the color change by zones, so that we obtained clearly differentiated spaces by means of very small traces.