Satan's hammer

On this occasion, we have developed the installation of the Audiovisual Material needed for the XII CCOO Congress at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel.

In order to realize the idea proposed by the client -and given that this hotel has significant limitations when it comes to flying loads- we had to make some complex pre-rigging designs.

We have been working in this hotel for many years and our technicians know the ins and outs of the hotel to perfection, in order to be able to work there.

The maximum weight per meter of the rods is 150 kilos and we needed to hang almost 300 kg so we had to bring rods to do a pre-rigging to distribute the weight over 2 meters.

“Satan’s hammer, one of our favorite tools, was needed to add a center point to the side screens as well as to fly the center screen.

It was a success that we are very proud of.


Structures, Design.


Social, Corporate.


Check, check, check...

Our technicians

They made it possible for the event to go smoothly and I would also like to thank them from here.

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