Faconauto Automotive Congress in Madrid

The company Octógono Arquitectura de Interiores has commissioned us to install its design for the Faconauto Automobile Congress that took place in IFEMA North. For this we had to assemble six large screens and a truss structure of 11’55 x 4’90 meters.

The first difficulty we faced was that, following the design plans, one of the screens did not coincide with the vertical of the existing light bridges in the space.

We solved this problem by mounting a supplementary bridge to join the two existing bridges in the space. In this way, we were able to accurately create the two zenithal blasting points in the parameters of the screen that the client had requested. 

This work, together with the blasting of the six screens, has been carried out by the guys from Glub Glub in an exceptional way.

On this occasion, we have used robotic spotlights for the lighting, which make the task of directing them from the lighting control desk much more efficient. To illuminate the stage we used two types of lights: Fresnel for the general light and cut-off for the spot lights. 

We have also installed a robotic projector for the projection of a corporate gobo.