International Automobile Show Lexus Booth

It is good news that after being suspended twice, finally the Auto Show has taken place and a joy that we could collaborate with Avance in the Lexus Stand.
Avance and Glub Glub have been working together for more than 10 years. We have a professional and friendly relationship, which makes our joint work is always excellent.

Five years ago we were already pioneers in using all LED light to illuminate cars, and since then we have continued to work with Lexus.

In those days it was more difficult than now because the use of LED was not yet so widespread, but Pedro always pushes his Avance team to excel and this is something to be thankful for.

We like demanding customers because they keep us in shape, you know the shrimp that sleeps…








In this case we have assembled a stand using truss structures as a skeleton, this is a construction method that we developed with Avance.
The stand is built in truss, which is then covered with wood, in this case wood with metallic gray melamine, this allows us to assemble in a very short time and in a very planned way a stand with finishes worthy of a real dealership.



The challenges we have had this year have been in terms of the Truss spans so that they did not coincide with the columns of the pavilion.

Another challenge was the planning of the weights of the Truss structure, we placed it suspended by motors and from it we mounted the lighting of the cars, since the weights supported by the trusses of the fair are very small.

At first this stand was going to be almost entirely of LED screen, we had devised a very interesting installation formula following the same idea of Truss skeleton, but in the end for budget reasons it was done in this other way and as you can see it has been impressive.