Kabuki & Atresmedia

We are celebrating!

Shortly after forming Kabuki we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Atresmedia. 

Projectors to bring the scenography to life

Nowadays all television programs have LED screens. Atresmedia proposed us the possibility of installing some projectors to give life to their scenography and we took them several Panasonic models for testing; in the end they opted for a 20k.


Inland Event


Service Presentation



Will the old technologies come back?

Certain that the possibilities offered by the projection on three-dimensional objects is impressive, I can assure you that there is only one limit, and that is the imagination.


Will the old technologies come back?

I remember when, years ago, by means of cutouts and gobos, we used to illuminate scenographies.

Today, with video projectors, visual architecture has opened up a new world.

What does the future hold for lighting and its mix with projection?

I think that a technology like the DL1, DL2, DL3 and Catalys -which never really took off- could make a comeback.