CCOO at La Caja Mágica

Annual national convention of Comisiones Obreras and UGT (Workers' Commissions and UGT)

The difficulty lies in the large size of the space of both the stage and the capacity and how to assemble a structure to fly the audiovisual equipment and that they are sufficiently homogenized to cover all the needs of the event.
To do this, we built a truss grid on the roof, attached by structural hanging points to the space itself by means of 1,000 kg load motors.


Sound, Lighting


Corporate event




We designed a front P.A. Line-Array system for the stage area and 4 more Array points of “Delay”, as we move away from the stage.
With a reinforcement of speakers oriented towards the part of the stands (Out fill). All this to avoid losing clarity, since it is an event in which the word acquires a fundamental importance, more than the sound power on stage we need many more sound points.



Although the sound equipment should not be placed too high, the lights should be placed a little higher -except for the stage itself- to cover the largest surface of light optimizing the number of spotlights.
We equipped the truss with white light projectors for audience light and general stage light, with a reinforcement of cut-out projectors for punctual stage light and robotized projectors for back stage and front lights to give dynamism and color to the scene.


National Convention

Once again, we needed to pull the entire Glub Glub staff due to the media importance of the event, being a national convention of the most important unions in the country, coupled with the macro dimensions of the space.