Three Kings Parade Las Rozas 2022

Why does it have to rain in Madrid while we ride?

This is the 15th year that we are in charge of the sound system for the Three Kings Parade in Las Rozas. It has been one of the hardest due to the heavy rains that have accompanied us throughout the assembly. Fortunately, it has left us with a good taste in our mouth because the client has been very satisfied. 

It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful jobs we do because we know that those who will enjoy the result are the children with that wonderful illusion of seeing the Three Wise Men. (They totally beats Santa Claus, by the way)


Outdoor Event


Three Kings Parade



There is so much rush!

In Spain we had a very funny fabada commercial where some old men had to prepare a fabada in record time. We, because we could not interfere with the traffic except for the essential and for safety reasons, we had to hurry impressively. 



Have everything very controlled to make sure we finish everything on time, be very proactive with the material and know how to calculate perfectly the resistance of the cable.

The wiring needs are always surprising, look, when we make the measurements on the plan we know that once on the ground, due to the nooks and crannies, ups and downs can go up to 40% more cable! In total we use 4,000 meters.

Between power and signal it is also necessary to correctly calculate the resistance of the cable when placing the power amplifiers and splitters to re-amplify the signal. 

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Heights of 9 meters

We needed a van with a lifting basket to pass the cables at the traffic circles because we had to climb to a height of 9 meters.


Thanks to Decathlon

We are very grateful to Decathlon for providing us with three tents to cover our three checkpoints.

And, of course, to Pamplona for their chorizo, which we were able to eat…