Meliá Castilla Hotel

The scene

The event took place in one of the hotel’s meeting rooms. It has a technical ceiling and a skylight that prevents any type of structure or anchor from being attached to fly the audiovisual equipment.


Inland Event


Service Presentation


Melia Castilla Hotel lounges



Taking advantage of the fact that the hall is panelable, we used the rails where the panels circulate for their use and we designed pieces that fit into these rails and that in turn had a female thread to be able to anchor a claw.

In this way, we had some blasting points on which we mounted a unitubular structure so that the different audiovisual elements were as close as possible to the ceiling and gave a feeling of greater integration into the space itself.

Special lighting


On this occasion, the lighting was the absolute protagonist

Contrary to what usually happens, the light was not that of a stage but the illumination of a wall of the hall with ultraviolet light (black light as it is usually known). 

To achieve this we illuminated from the floor with LED bars attached to the same wall, and with flying light projectors, also LED, for the upper part of the wall where the bars could not reach.

The reason for the ultraviolet light and not a “conventional” one is because the dynamics of the event required to highlight a series of handprints and signatures with messages made with fluorescent paint and this black light can greatly highlight this type of fluorescence.