New Year's Eve at the Westin Palace Madrid

Illuminating the dome of the Palace Hotel

This is the 15th consecutive year that we have done the New Year’s Eve lighting in this emblematic hotel with more than a century in operation. We worked in collaboration with EventPro.

Lighting the dome makes you feel a little bit Michelangelo. And no, I don’t mean my neighbor, but the master who painted the Sistine Chapel.😜


Private party


New Year’s Eve Party



Drawings on the dome using gobos and filters

We placed some LPG spotlights together with a high-performance robotic spotlight that allowed us to draw exactly what we wanted. We normally use this device in the theater, because its blades allow us to outline scenographies and illuminate very precisely.


The secret of good device programming

🤫 The key to achieve a good apparatus programming lies -first of all- in achieving movements that are not too symmetrical; that not all the foci move at the same time. 

It is also important to work at different speeds. It is good that there is a difference between the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the lights. The idea is to create a dynamic but welcoming environment so that the viewer does not feel overwhelmed or dizzy.

Finally, in these cases, we also recommend the use of smoke machines, which generate a cold smoke, which should be unnoticeable. We work with HAZER because it does not work by heating glycerin but by micronizing it.  As it is cold, it manages, with very little, to generate an inappreciable atmosphere, visible only when a beam of light passes through it. This type of smoke is not expelled by jets but generates a very subtle mist that is odorless and unobtrusive.

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Thanks to EventPro and the Palace Hotel

I would like to thank EventPro and the Palace Hotel for all these years of trust and collaboration.

Resuming New Year’s Eve in this hotel is one more step towards normality. Everything happens in this life and it seems that the pandemic will also pass.