The Cisón Set

The Art of Projection

Projecting is not simply plugging in a device and letting it work. Calibrating and pampering the right equipment, choosing the right optics and the right place to project from requires know-how.


Inland Event


Service Presentation


Color fidelity

Raúl García, my friend and partner at Kabuki, is an artist. His projections made on the set of Cisón – where being faithful to color is very important – show us that, even though the LED screen is very advantageous for many things, projection is irreplaceable for many others.

The elegance of projection

The mapping and the aggressiveness of LED contrast with the sweetness of a projection where the light works by reflection and reminds us more of painting. For this reason it is irreplaceable on many occasions and is – to my taste – more elegant, if it is used efficiently.