Premiere Movistar Plus series "Lola"

For the premiere Movistar Plus "Lola" series, we were responsible for the lighting, sound and structures.

It was an impressive presentation! It has been developed in two spaces

The first one, the Puig Foundation, where the presentation of the actors to the press took place. Here our intervention has been focused on the lighting of the Photocall, as well as the placement of the platforms and structures needed.
We used our Galaxy and Kino 1200 spotlights and for the interior structures, a 10 cm Truss -super discreet- that allowed us to illuminate the photocall from the optimal position.


Inland Event


Service Presentation


The second part of the event took place in an incredible space, a tablao called Bulería, where a party was held, attended by relatives of Lola Flores, flamenco musicians and personalities from the world of cinema.

The space is decorated in a variegated way, with impressive nooks and crannies. And this is as far as I can go because we have been asked for confidentiality.

Here we have been in charge of the sound and lighting of the flamenco concert.

For the sound we used T8 D&b Yamaha MC5 and for the lighting, Martin and our Mini cutouts.

In these spaces the most complicated thing is the anchoring of the equipment and, for this occasion, we have used a curious system. You see, we have supported some Unit Truss structures by leaning them on some cornices that were in the space itself. We have also used magnets to anchor the mini cut-outs with which we have illuminated the singular objects, such as very old bullfighting posters, a virgin of the Macarena…

In short, the truth is that the space is totally anachronistic and magical!