Real Fábrica de Tapices

One of our favorite fixed installations

The space has an installation of a truss flown and mechanized with 500 kg motors that allows lowering the structure to the appropriate height to change position and add or remove equipment as needed.

With this we get, in addition, that the floor is clean and clear of wiring.
Stage Lighting.


Structures, Lighting


Movie premiere


Stage Lighting

The standard stage lighting design is made with frontal projectors of white light for general light and cutouts for punctual light. It is usually installed -according to needs- rear led bars to give depth and color (corporate) to the back of the stage. If we use the wall as a projection screen, the central bars are lowered in light intensity so as not to stain the light projection and not to lose any sharpness.

Changing the color in the room, effects and textures

To get the room to have an atmosphere with a certain color, either decorative or by requirements of the corporate color of the brand protagonist of the event, the existing truss will be equipped with a series of RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White) LED panoramic projectors that will bathe the entire space in color and provide the space with a homogeneous light and the desired color.


We use robotic projectors to achieve textures and effects (water type, spheres…) that give the event a greater volume and dynamism.

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