We bring you 360 Services in which you don't have to worry about anything. We can cover all the needs of an event.


Our origins come from the world of theatrical lighting.

At the tie of transforming a space, lighting is the most effective and simple way to achieve spectacular results.

Glub Glub was born as a lighting company, there is nothing in lighting that is alien to us, we even manufacture our own fixtures where commercial brands do not reach.

We make lighting designs for any small or big event and we have been thinking for years to make things better and better.

Guess what? In this field we have a know how that many would like to have.

Theatrical Lighting

Different models of Own LED spotlights

Own wireless lamps

Event Lighting

Own wireless street lights

Kimérika, streaming

Our own Audiovisual Content Factory.

During the stoppage of the pandemic and because Glub Glub can't stand still we decided to set up a small plate, small but bully in the center of Madrid which is already operational for the realization of digital events, and is also a space for audiovisual experimentation.

We work with traditional animation, 3D animation, video and photography production, as well as design and planning of virtual and physical scenographies.

Tradicional Animation

See more works:

Kimerika's Set

Audiovisual production



Online and hybrid events

New Technology




We can make any constructive element you can think of come true.

When I started working in the world of events, I realized that the material we use was designed for other types of shows, theater concerts...They didn't take into account the idiosyncrasies of the event world, where aesthetics and discretion are much more important.

We started to manufacture our own products from the beginning.

We were pioneers in the construction of battery-powered spotlights. We started working with 3D printers and using the new technologies of laser cutting, bending and new metallurgical systems.

Today, we produce and design equipment and products that allow us to solve many of the difficulties of events.

Pioneers in creating wireless battery-powered devices

Customized decoration elements

Customized LED spotlights

3D printing

Laser cutting


We decided to create our own video company, Kabuki.

Glub Glub participate in the company Kabuki of which we are partners with "the Garcia Brothers".

Kabuki is a leading company in video.

We work in television and events.

We have exclusive and innovative material, a very well planned architecture, a first class staff and a lot of illusion and energy.





Own Technical Production Office

We make the difference with the Organization and Coordination of each Event.

Thanks to my family, my origins are set in show business. I have always worked with artists and theater directors and, for some time now, I have been collaborating with Olga Margallo -my sister- renowned theater director and her team at Uroc Line.

MAX Awards

Technical directors

360º Services


Artistic Content Section

Olga Margallo & Uroc Line

We can provide you with presenters, speakers, actors, singers, musicians with whom we have been working for many years and we do scripts and stage direction. What do you need?

Teambuilding for companies

Olga Margallo


Actors, singers, musicians...

TED Talk

Stage directions

Presenters and speakers

Permanent Installations

We make every installation special.

For a long time we have been designing and setting up auditoriums, stages, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, scenic spaces… in recent times this aspect has been reinforced even more due to our agreements with different companies in the sector.

We integrate different softwares and hardwares for the creation of state-of-the-art spaces.

Design and Planning



Civil works

Acoustic conditioning

Acoustic equipment

Audiovisual equipment