Projector cover with DMX connector

Why do we make our projectors?

At Glub glub, we manufacture many of our projectors.  People often ask me why. They tell me, “With the number of manufacturers out there…”.

Last week I told a customer that the projectors we were using for his event were made by us. He asked me, “And do the clients notice? I replied that they don’t, not always, but that in addition to improving the lighting, it makes our job much easier by providing us with a fixture designed specifically for the event world, as most fixtures are only designed for television or entertainment. The thing is, just yesterday he told me that Movistar, his client, called him to congratulate him on the lighting. Oh yeah! 😎

Characteristics of our devices

Spotlight with high quality soft light

There are many color changing spotlights, but there are not as many quality white light spotlights.

We invest in what we need and avoid anything that, with our experience, we know is not usually used in an event and that is why we decided to occupy this segment.

In addition, as they are manufactured by us, we can control and resolve any failures.

We get very reliable projectors and, as we also design their mechanics, we can adapt Gadget to integrate them in a more aesthetic way in different structures or solve easily their filters and optics changes.

In short, we have innovation in our DNA and all this background that gives us manufacturing and research has led us to be true experts in event lighting.