Canvas tensioner

At Glub glub we have created the Advertising Canvas Tensioner with the collaboration of our partners Artiluxia and Kabuki. This product allows us to tension canvases of any size, no matter how big they are, and also to backlight them.

We are committed to the environment and for this occasion we have used reusable materials. This means a premium finish and an important saving for the client in the assembly costs of the event.

How was the idea born?

At each event, during assembly, we had to build a structure to tension the tarpaulin, which could not be used afterwards. Our main concern was to reduce costs and improve productivity.

We wanted to get the structure that tensioned the canvas to be separated from the bottom by a bracket and this would allow us to backlight it no matter how many meters it was. It was not an easy challenge but we solved it by placing the props separated from the canvas so that we could place the lighting between the canvas and the props.

For this development we relied on well-known structures such as the truss. It has three quick connection points, designed by Artiluxia, which allow us to easily join the longitudinal bars to the lifting system as well as linear joints for the quick anchor bars. It has been manufactured using stainless steel parts.

Another of the interesting points of the Tensor is the invisibility of the canvas fastening, since it is made with a rail so that the flanges, ropes and staples are not visible.

Motorized mechanism

Being motorized, it is possible to assemble very long runs with only two operators.

It is interesting to set up photocalls, partition walls, backlit cycloramas...

And this is only the first point of development! We continue to manufacture accessories that allow to build scenographies, stands for fairs and exhibitions… I recommend you to be attentive! We are confident that it will have an interesting development!