Cibeles Palace - Crystal Gallery

One L, two distinct environments

This time it was a gala dinner. We separated the space into two areas. The more square area was used to set up the show. We installed the stage where the live performances would take place and the tables with lighting and sound.


Lighting, structures


Movie premiere



Endless ceiling

On the 20+ meter ceiling of the other space, we simulated a fireworks sky that looked this spectacular!

For this we opted for a macro LED screen. The first challenge we faced was to be able to support this enormous weight so that the screen would not sag in the span between one hanging point and another. We built a super strong and powerful 30 by 30 truss system that solved the problem successfully. The second challenge consisted of leaving this space, which was a corridor for the transfer of attendees, completely clean, with hardly any goals. With a huge structure that was truly impressive.

Our spotlights

Haces de luz y texturas

As we wanted to leave the areas of the tables and the stage as diaphanous as possible by throwing the light of the flying spotlights from a goal on the sides, and we had to cover a great distance, we opted for a very closed optics for projectors or mobile robotized with a very close zoom. We managed to give a great dynamism, with scenes, light beams, textures and color changes for the whole part of the courtyard that was very integrated, not only in specific moments of light, but the whole stage, the whole space in the same lighting style.


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Sistema de poleas


As a novelty, the assembly was the rear screen that was made a system of structures. Instead of doing it with a support structure -consisting of four legs and four engines that go up the structure and thus the LED screen- we did it with four podiums, four truss towers with a pulley system and engines as well, but in such a way that the public only saw the screen and did not see any kind of structure. The whole front aspect is made without any kind of the. They do not perceive the tables, the table, the legs.