A Fairytale Christmas in Las Rozas

Another Christmas in Las Rozas

Lighting, like any artistic manifestation, is not an exact science. As I live it, it is a constant feedback with the place and the moment; many details are impossible to foresee until almost the last hour.

When a space is illuminated there are always surprises; things that you expect to look good, don’t turn out so well and others – very simple or unexpected – turn out fantastic. That’s why you have to leave some time to reposition everything. Since the light goes directly to the unconscious, we must allow these things to emerge unexpectedly.


Outdoor Event


Temporary installation



A route between Las Matas and Las Rozas

We had to create a space where people could relax and enjoy the magic of the stories.

We found a beautiful and cozy space where we knew, beforehand, that the light was going to give great results. It has been a very rewarding job.


We had to create a space where people could relax and enjoy the magic of stories.

The “Mikado” steam locomotive is a fascinating element to illuminate. We decided to work with Neon Flex with LED strip and filtered spotlights to reach all the nooks and crannies and multiple pipes in a discreet way, thanks to its matte black color.

And not to fall into the expected of a Christmas lighting, we opted for greenish colors, intense reds and ambers.

For me, Christmas means bringing the illusion of children to the world of adults. We wanted to express this illusion by building this space of light, I hope you can come and see it! Happy Holidays!

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